Ronald D. Schivo

Ron Schivo is a partner at Utrecht & Lenvin, LLP.   He has been practicing law since 1989.  Mr. Schivo’s background is in general civil litigation, particularly disputes involving real property.    He has extensive experience representing residential landlords who have disputes with their tenants.   He appears regularly in the San Francisco Superior Court and often handles matters at the San Francisco Residential Rent Stabilization and Arbitration Board.  Mr. Schivo has represented landlords in negotiated buyouts of hundreds of tenants during the past sixteen years.   Mr. Schivo often advises owners of residential rental properties on the best landlord-tenant strategy to maximize return on investment.   Conversely, he also assists buyers in assessing the risks, costs and strategies associated with property occupied by tenants so that buyers do not overpay for properties that are occupied by rent-controlled tenants.

Mr. Schivo also represents buyers and sellers in disputes arising out of purchase and sale agreements, including specific performance, fraud and nondisclosure, quiet title and breach of contract.  Additionally, he represents trustees and beneficiaries in probate disputes involving real property, including breach of trust, breach of fiduciary duty and petitions for instructions.

Mr. Schivo has handled numerous jury trials, court trials, binding arbitrations, and administrative hearings before state and local agencies, including the San Francisco Residential Rent Stabilization and Arbitration Board.  Mr. Schivo also represents  clients in the California Court of Appeal (his published opinions include Pazderka v. Caballeros Dimas Alang, Inc. (1997) 62 Cal.4th 658) and the United States District Court.

Mr. Schivo understands that there is not a single approach that works for all clients.  Rather, the best approach for each case is one that is tailored to the client’s particular objectives and needs.

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